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  Aluminum Truss >> Truss Related Products >>  Golf Driving Rang >>  Mini-150GF, Mini Golf Driving Range.
 For any Golf relation shop or store golf-club shoot display  or Home use.  (庭院型-四管桁架-高爾夫迷你練習場)

With high quality Aluminum Truss structures, our Golf Driving Range, frames to be perfectly straight and never oblique or damageable. It's light, but very strong. it's easy to make-up and disassemble
  Type :
Square 150x150mm Truss, Main Tubes: Ø32x1.6mm, Braces: Ø12mm.
  Packing : Total N/W: +/-90kgs, G/W:110kgs. Volume: +/- 30 cu'ft/set .
  Contain  : Products also include a Safety Nets-Cover and a Green Target by Canvas
  Dimension : Above Length, Width & Height could be adjust by customers' request.  Please inform us your
                         preferable dimension, enable us to quote the prices.