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  Aluminium Truss >> Mini-Truss 150    ( Trays Connector Type) For Shop or Store lighting decoration use.

  Alloy: 6061-T6, Side: 150x150mm, Main Tube: Ø32mm x 1.6mm, Brace: Ø8mm.

A15-40101, 100mm
Small Truss for Adjustment

A15-40025, 200mm
Short Truss for Adjustment

A15-40025, 250mm



A15-40103, 300mm

A15-40104, 400mm

A15-40105, 500mm


A15-40110, 1000mm

A15-40115, 1500mm

A15-40120, 2000mm

Customer design. or Special Length are acceptable for above Mini Truss .


Nr. : Box-150
90"X 6 way Angle

Nr. : A15-40402
90"X 2 way Angle

Nr. : A15-40802
90"X 3 way Angle


Nr. : A15-40S22
22.5"X Angle

Nr. : A15-40S45
45"X Angle

Nr. : A15-M8X4
4 in 1, M8 Screw Set


Nr. : A15-Base
200x200mm Tray for Base

Nr. : A15-Hinge
150 Truss 2 Way Hinge

Mini-150 Truss Load Recommendations

Attention :
The Mini-150 Truss are only for decoration and modeling frames use, We are no support the Loading Table or any Loading test report. You can't use it for large loading. You may hang some ornaments, but not over 40kg per mete

請注意 :
Mini-150桁架僅用於裝飾及造型框架,我們不提供載重表 或 任何載重測試報告。
您不能將其用於較大的負載。 但您可以掛一些裝飾品,但每米不能超過40kg。

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